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The Dreamworld
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24th-May-2008 10:33 pm(no subject)
It is me!!!
Celestia the Dreamworld will officially be open for play on Sunday, May 25th at 4pm, US Eastern/US Atlantic.  I will be introducing my other two characters at that time but in the morning I will post in OOC what the weather for Celestia will be for the day.
20th-May-2008 07:09 pm - the communities here
It is me!!!
This RP is made of four user communities

celestia_talk -  All entries made in Celestia talk must be locked to friends only (members only)

All character journal entries in their journals must be set to friends only.
20th-May-2008 01:05 pm - Opening Day
It is me!!!
Regardless of how many players and characters we have we are starting May 25th.  Please re-read all rules and story backgrounds and everything as I have been changing and editing some things for better gameplay.  If you have any questions, feel free to IM me on AIM  MAZprincess100

On May 25th it will start when I put up the OOC post saying what the current weather is.  Yes, we have weather here people ; )
It is me!!!
This way, we know if an amusement park actually does exist, or if there even is a hospital.  We have buildings, a lot, and a lot of land, all empty and unused.
As for equipment, when the ruler agrees to the business being run, the ruler will supply the business with equipment if there isn't a store selling needed supplies for such already.  Where the ruler gets all this stuff..well, that's a secret. ; )

8th-May-2008 08:59 pm - Friends Add and Remove
It is me!!!
Friends Add

Friend Remove
None thus far

Copy and paste in this link here
8th-May-2008 08:57 pm - Applications
It is me!!!
Apply In This Format
8th-May-2008 08:41 pm - Reserve a character
It is me!!!
Reserve in this format

When you reserve characters you must apply for them within two weeks. <--effective after official opening
8th-May-2008 08:30 pm - Rules-
It is me!!!

RP rules


-         One thing to note.  If you are speaking to me via Yahoo Messenger or AIM and I suddenly sign off and never come back on, it is because my father has turned off the internet and I will not be on for another few to several hours. This is just so you know and you don't accidentally assume I have shunned you.  Alright we got that cleared now..<3

-   Please make sure to read all of THIS

-      No god-moding

-         Do not kill/mess with other characters without consulting the other player.

-     After applying for a character you are to post in OOC with that character journal to tell others to friend add

-     If you are dropping, post in OOC with that character journal to tell people to friend remove

-         Original characters are allowed, whether it’s totally original, or an original character from existing fandoms

-         Fandom original characters cannot have any relation to canon characters, they could know reasonable information about that character, however they would not know the canon character, nor would the canon character know them.

-         You are allowed up to three characters of the same fandom if you wish to play more than one character of the same fandom

-         Limit to how many characters you can play are 6 characters for now.  This is because we don't want the RP to feel like it's being controlled by players who have like way too many.

-         The ratio rule has been taken out.

-         No playing real people

-     Original characters that play too much of a big important role are not allowed (ex, god character, immortal being, etc)

-         With original characters, Play By (PB) icons can be of a real actor/singer photos, or an anime character (as long as that character is actually not being used), or draw your own userpics.

-         Please use proper grammar IC, unless your character is sort of that way.

-         You must update your character’s journal at least once every two weeks.  Characters must post in

celestia_talk at least once every two weeks, however it is preferred and recommended that each character does so more often.  If you prefer, private messages to certain characters that are to be unhackable can just be done over AIM, instead of posting it on celestia_talk.  Please do not spam celestia_talk and your own characters journals with random unnecessary, irrelevant spam posts.


-         Hiatus for each character is up to four weeks.  After a hiatus for a character is over, you must 2 weeks before putting that character on hiatus again. Of course hiatus really is when you think you won’t make the 2 week post.  Some people still like to post hiatus for a few days if they feel they must, especially when they are in a plot or they tend to post in character journals everyday.  If your hiatus for a character is for less than 2 weeks, you only need to wait 1 week before posting that character's next hiatus.

-         If you have more than one character, you can put one character on hiatus and then when that character’s hiatus is over, and you can put the other character on hiatus as well.  Each character’s hiatus is a separate issue.

-         When taking a hiatus, you must post in OOC, and in the character journal who you are putting on hiatus.

-         Activity checks will be done every Saturday.  If your character has not updated his/her log, that character will get a strike unless there is a hiatus posted in the character’s journal. If you character gets places on activity check, that characters has 72 hours to post otherwise that character is kicked.  Three strikes are allowed.  Once you get a fourth strike the character will get kicked out without a chance to post.

-      Every activity check will be posted in OOC, it will have the list of characters who need to update as well as the number of strikes they have so far, and the post will also have a list of recent friend add and friend remove

-         Celestia Story is when you log, aka is when you RP your character to another character face to face with some plot going on.

-      Do not let OOC issues affect how you play your character

-      This RP is rated R for 17+, please be aware of that.

-      Regarding OOCness in fandom characters, people tend to do that a lot with their characters.  It happens.  Try not to be OOC with your characters.  If you feel someone went WAY out of character with a fandom character, please talk to that player and try to resolve it.  If it doesn't seem to work out, please direct the problem to me.  Heck if it's even me you're concerned about with the way I play, please tell me!  However in concerns to OOCness, don't be a crazy conservative.  We all tend to be OOC in our characters sometimes, and besides, can we really play the character perfectly if we are not the original creators?  Also, characters can change slightly in AUs, keep that in mind..sightly, maybe a little more.  But yes, don't go too much OOC, otherwise it just doesn't add up.  We're supposed to be creative here anyhow, and RPs are supposed to be fun, not pressuring.

-      If you have a problem, question, or anything, please direct it to me.  I can be found on AIM MAZprincess100, or you may leave me a PM or email me at gerbilanime@yahoo.com.  Though in concerns with other people and their characters, please make sure to try to settle the problem with the player before going to me.  Be respectful to each other please!  Heck if it's a problem with me don't be afraid to say so.

        -     All entries in character journals are to be locked to friends only.

-      Have fun

That’s all for now.  If any more come up I’ll post in OOC as well as update the rules here.
It is me!!!

Your character ends up here in a dream. Your character's fandom continues when he/she wakes up, and then his/her story continues here when he/she sleeps.  You can make this dream really long for your character, like say a week is done here in one dream before he/she wakes up again.  Maybe even a month, or a year (what a long dream).

You also have the option to take a character who is in a coma at one point of the fandom.  You can also have a few days of fandom pass by before the character ends up here again, in other words, he wont be having dreams for a few nights just sleep.

One other option is to take your character here if he/she got killed or died, in other words your character is dead and will always be here.

Your characters will arrive here with their powers(not the weapons though), and in the condition they were currently in before getting here.  Each time your character comes back from here by going back to sleep he will be in the condition he was when going to sleep.  Of course, if the condition is bad, they can heal in this world.  But when they wake up again, they will return to that condition unless fandom says otherwise.

If your character dies in the fandom, then he/she stays here without leaving again to wake up.

Your character will arrive with an electronic journal and a communicator.  Your character's live journal account is your character's private journal in which only your character can see, unless you and another RPer plot that one character finds the journal of another.  However, every character's journal has a lock, and the character has a text password to unlock his or her journal.  So in order for another character to hack the electronic journal, he or she must know the password.

Communicator.  It’s like a cell phone where you make text or voice messages.    celestia_talk is where you post the communications.  If you character wishes to send a post to only certain characters, use the LJ cut.  The title should be Private to so and so…and then there’s the hack part.  As part of the LJ cut title, you must also put how hackable that LJ cut is to other characters.  RPers can see it OOC, but in terms of IC its different.

For example-

Mitsuko makes an entry


Says blah blah blah


[[u click LJ cut, title is Private to Tuan//unhackable]]  and then write the post in the LJ cut where is says "type your contents here".  Unhackable means no one can hack this part of the post.  While the blah blah part is viewable to everyone, the LJ cut to Tuan is not.  You can say hackable, easily hackable, use percentage numbers, and those characters capable of hacking the messages would hack if they wish.

Here is a visible example

Hey, can anyone tell me where the library is?

Sometimes players may use LJ cuts on their characters posts if they feel their post is very long.  In this case, title the LJ public, LJ cut because it’s long, or something like that.

If you use sparkles text , please put it in LJ cut and title it Cut for Sparkles.  Sparkles tend to crash some people’s computers.


As to differentiate voice posts and text posts….if you’re character is making a voice post, put in the subject of the entry VOICE POST, unless only part of the entry is voice post, then you must label that entry in LJ cut.
8th-May-2008 08:23 pm - Story
It is me!!!
A young sixteen year old girl meets an unfortunate end in her life and soul was carried here, to the dreamworld, called Celestia.  There, arriving in the castle, she meets the ruler, King Tuan, who claims to know who she is all her life.  In addition, now that Mitsuko Kamiya has arrived, the one who is to be princess, all other guests will arrive here as well.
The Kingdom of the Dreamworld, Celestia, will have life.  Many things await the upcoming guests.  A future of happiness, hardships, and interesting events is set for them.
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